When Hegne Convent decides to dedicate itself to a topic such as “Dialogue with art”, then it is not with the intention of making itself or its rooms appear more attractive. As with all spiritual events of the Hegne Sisters of the holy Cross, it is about making religion more “contemporary”.

In his letter to artists, John Paul II. wrote that “nowhere else … are modern mankind’s situation, his attitude to life, but also his perspectives so impressively portrayed as in contemporary art”. For the church to achieve this “aggiornamento” (updating methods, ideas, etc.) demanded so insistently by John XXIII., it needs to come into contact again and again with contemporary art, in which modern life is expressed and by which it is shaped.

The exhibitions, resident artists, and of course original works by contemporary artists which can be found in the bedrooms, conference rooms and studies in St. Elisabeth hotel and its conference centre are intended to initiate, cultivate and continue the dialogue between the church and artists, between religion, faith and contemporary art.